Skin Retreat 100 min €109,-
This experience builds on, but is even deeper than the treatment I developed for Weleda Benelux. During the blissful footbath you’ll be guided through a Journey of the Senses Consult. Your body will be comfortably tucked in blankets, followed by balancing movements for even more comfort. You’ll receive warm and cold compresses to activate your skin, which is followed by a deep cleanse of your skin. During the purgative facial clay mask you’ll receive an intuitive foot and leg massage designed to tailor your needs. The characteristics of your chosen product are translated in the Leadplant massage through movements on your face, neck, décolleté and shoulders. During the in person compound facial mask you will experience an intuitive massage of your hands and arms, after which wake-up movements will revive you again. As a closing you will receive a supporting elixir to drink and I will tell you where you are in your process and what you can do on a daily basis to take good care of yourself.

balancing movements
leem makser
been voet massage
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