Journey of the senses consult created by Karen

My treatments always start with a journey through the senses. You’ll chose the scent that you’re attracted to in the moment. This choice tells you more about the condition of your body and soul. Your choice can vary depending on emotions and what the body needs in that moment. When you use the scent you’re attracted to in the treatment, it will have a much deeper effect on your body, mind and soul. The characteristics of the plant, which I will translate for you, will provide you with more information about your body, mind and soul. This gives you the message you need in that moment, both during the treatment and at home when you use the chosen products. It also lets the natural product do its work and gives you the support in the process to learn to care for yourself in a deeper way.

Cosmetics are a daily reminder to take good care of your body, as your body is your most precious possession in your entire life.