“During their time with me, my clients receive a unique experience rather than just a treatment.”

Karen’s Introduction

We live in a time where people are again searching for the force within themselves. My treatments aim to support this process and provide an experience of coming home within yourself.

I believe in the wisdom of the human body and soul.
Since 1997 I am a certified and qualified masseuse and beautician. I am specialized in natural, organic cosmetics and work from a holistic view on people and their biggest organ; their skin. A healthy and conscious way of living is the foundation of a radiant skin.

For the last two years I have worked as a treatment creator, developer and head trainer for Weleda Benelux. I have now chosen to take a next step in my life and to start living my dream fully, which is why my family and I moved to Ibiza.


I work in total silence as it allows people to come home into their body in such a beautiful way and to listen to what their body has to say. In a serene place with an organic, pure and natural appearance, I take my clients on a journey into deep relaxation. My treatments are meant to connect the body, mind and soul, causing the skin to shine and the body to recharge itself. The skin reflects how you live and how you feel.